Preparing For Your Consultation


Once you schedule a consultation, it is important to gather all relevant documentation for review so we can best ensure the success of your case. Please bring the following information and documents to your consultation:

All applicable court documents, especially if you were served

Any evidence you would like reviewed

Information about the opposing party including address, date of birth, etc.


We understand that your time is valuable and that many of the subjects we may discuss can be emotionally charged. We also understand that, for many people, the legal process can be intimidating at first. Because of this, we seek to provide you as much information and reassurance as possible so you can set your expectations clearly. When you walk through the door for your consultation, you can expect to:

  • Be greeted by friendly, welcoming staff
  • Fill out an intake form about your case so we can better and more appropriately serve your needs
  • Meet with Camellia or her paralegal
  • Be advised about the merits of your case
  • Leave with an idea of how your case is likely to proceed
Receptionist having male client fill out paperwork